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Everyone needs support, but today's leaders experience enormous pressures.

Our mission is to ensure leaders have the confidence and ability to manage teams and lead companies well. Effective coaching fosters greater independence and helps leaders to trust themselves in handling the complexity of people and of business, and navigating their way through dilemmas.




Matt Kaplowitz

Founder and CEO

Matt is an expert psychologist and executive coach specializing in the development of leaders, teams, and organizations. His clients include C-suite executives and top teams from Fortune 100 companies, as well as entrepreneurs and business owners from across a range of industries and sectors.

Organizational leaders have valued working with Matt for his straightforward style, his sophisticated grasp of leadership and human relations, and the proven bottom-line impact of his work. Combining expertise from a range of areas across disciplines—such as organizational psychology, emotional intelligence, and neuroscience—Matt has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon, allowing him to adapt to each client’s unique objectives and growth needs.



  • NYS Licensed Psychologist
  • Ph.D. and M.A. in Psychology, The New School for Social Research
  • B.S. in Financial Accounting, NYU Stern Business School
  • Director of Career Services, The Hallowell Centers
  • Clinical Researcher, Columbia University Medical Center
  • Director of Leadership Programs, vCaring.Org, an IRC 501(c)(19) veterans' organization 

I’m more aware of myself, and take more time to think and reflect on situations and other peoples’ points of view. I often stop myself and ask what Matt would say or do. I felt very supported. The process felt very natural—I was initially afraid coaching would be unpleasant and I’d have to do work I didn’t want to do. But it didn’t feel like that. Instead, coaching with Matt felt natural and enjoyable and empowering.
— Partner, Professional Services Firm

Our Strategic Partners

We partner with passionate people.

All of our partners are highly experienced and share our passion for developing effective leadership. Together, we build world-class coaching teams scaled to each client's needs, drawing from our international network of leadership experts.


Joshua Ehrlich

Chairman, Global Leadership Council

Executive Coach and Consultant

Marianne Lepre-Nolan

Marianne Lepre-Nolan Inc., Founder

Executive Coach and Consultant

David Caruso

Co-Founder, EI Skills Group

Management Psychologist & EI coach

Jane Praeger

Founder, Ovid, Inc.

Communications Strategist & Coach