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Examples of our work


The Mindful Leader

The Client: Global business head at a multinational bank.

The Need: The client was recruited to build a new business function from the ground up. He succeeded up to the point where he needed the team to become more autonomous, but felt unable to let go of the reins and trust. Instead, he was caught in an unhealthy loop of obsessive work, stress, and poor self-care.

The Results: Through coaching, the client was able to break the negative cycle. He learned to let go without losing control, and to delegate empowerment while being more mindful of his unhealthy drive for perfection. He improved his self-care, from working smarter and more effectively, to drinking less coffee and exercising more. He even quit smoking.


Joining Profit With Purpose

The Client: Regional CEO of a global financial institution.

The Need: The client wanted to develop her vision for the business, for the next phase of her career, and for her legacy within the firm.

The Results: Through executive coaching, the CEO developed a longer-term vision for the bank: Joining profit with purpose to more realistically meet the next iteration of market demands. She developed a broader vision for her role, leading to a series of aggressive actions both internally and externally to influence the bank’s culture, to improve the bank’s reputation, and to deepen the bank’s involvement within the community.


Connected Company

The Client: Mid-sized manufacturing/marketing company.

The Need: Company grew from a small start-up to mid-sized rapidly while maintaining its reactive, start-up mindset, resulting in a series of expensive strategic missteps, project delays, and failures.

The Results: A year-long leadership development program for the entire leadership team (85 participants) helped to shift the team’s leadership style from authoritarian to participative, facilitated several important personnel shifts, and established a foundation for building a supportive, coaching-oriented culture.

Making more authentic connections with people in the room carried over to the floor. We know each other better, trust each other more, so when we walk by we acknowledge each other, stop and chat, share ideas, and help out where otherwise we would have just walked by and said nothing.
— Group Coaching Participant

Coaching For Culture

The Client: A group of 24 managing directors within a high-profile division at a multinational bank.

The Need: To design and facilitate a one-year leadership program consisting of small group coaching and 1:1 coaching to help build a more emotionally intelligent culture.

The Results: Despite initial skepticism, the program gained significant momentum over the year with increasingly high participation. Results cascaded into the culture of the department, increasing collaboration, problem solving, and communication, which in turn contributed to increased client retention, sales and revenue. Upon completion of the program, several participants were promoted to group heads and business leads.


The Know-It-All

The Client: Senior director at a global technology company.

The Need: Though technically brilliant, the client’s team resisted his authority. While he could offer support on technical matters, his interpersonal style was off-putting and abrasive.

The Results: Through coaching and supportive feedback, the client identified specific behaviors that were proving ineffective. He learned to value listening and to relate in a more connected way. The team became more accountable and responsive to his leadership.


A Consensus of Dissatisfaction

The Client: A team of 6 sales managers within a global retail and manufacturing company.

The Need: To design and facilitate a 6-month leadership program consisting of 1:1 and team coaching to help boost morale, resolve longstanding interpersonal conflicts, and develop a more emotionally intelligent approach to sales.

The Results: Team coaching transformed the group norms of the team from a closed, conflict-avoidant system to an open, socially sensitive one; sales increased 30% after controlling for other variables; two years later, sales continued to increase steadily.


Deconstructing Imposter Syndrome

The Client: VP of HR at a global technology company.

The Need: Client felt frustrated with both her team and her boss relying on her for everything.

The Results: Through a short-term, high impact coaching engagement, the client discovered how her tendency to do everything herself had contributed to a culture of dependency in those around her; she gradually improved her capacity to trust others and to delegate empowerment. The shift from problem-solver to facilitator, from doer to leader, was noted and drew praise, and the client was promoted to SVP.

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