Frequently Asked Questions

We want to meet you, and are happy to answer any questions you may have.




How does it work?

All of our services are customized to your needs, and begin with a conversation to better understand what you're looking for. From there we offer feedback, make recommendations, and outline a step-by-step process for achieving your goals.

Can coaching engagements include more than one executive and/or group at a time?

Absolutely. We build teams for large projects from our network of executive coaches. We vet all coaches and only use coaches with proven track records and extensive business experience and/or PhD level training.

What kinds of leadership assessment do you offer?

We have extensive assessment experience for individual leaders, teams, and the entire organization. We tailor 360° assessments and assessment batteries based on client needs, consisting of curated psychometric measures, customized surveys, and live interviews.

Do you offer executive and career coaching for private individuals?

Yes, we have helped many professionals to resolve career dilemmas and transitions, and to get more connected to themselves in career. Please contact us to discuss.

What's the difference between an executive coach and a life coach?

One has nothing to do with the other. Executive coaching is a niche practice for highly trained psychologists and/or business veterans, who help senior leaders in organizations to improve their ability to manage and lead. Executive coaching is a team effort not an individual effort, and involves multiple stakeholders. It is not transactional in nature, but relational: a sophisticated, trust-based methodology for the development of people within complex organizations. Effective executive coaching requires contextual knowledge across multiple domains, including what it means to work within a particular organization, what it means to be on a team and to lead a team, and what it means to be an organizational leader.

What do our services cost?

We offer competitive rates and can tailor our offerings to your budget. High impact coaching, for example, helps reduce redundancy for companies already investing in assessments and other developmental opportunities. Contact us to learn more.

Do you work outside the U.S.?

We are New York based but our clients are based all over the world, from Singapore to Zurich to London to Mountain View. We prefer to establish the basis for our relationship in-person and happily travel to you. Following that we can combine in-person with virtual work, as appropriate. Contact us to discuss.

What does "psychological safety" mean?

Psychological safety results from combination of healthy structures and open communication. Structures include the organizational hierarchy, who communicates with whom, how meetings are set up, one-on-ones, and so on. Open communication is an ideal system in which people speak openly about their feelings versus stuffing them underground where they turn into destructive behaviors. The goal is for people to talk it out, not act it out. Contact to us to learn more about our proven methodology for helping leaders create psychologically safe environments.