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As expectations rise and business models change, communication and cooperation are increasingly relevant. We help clients increase the connectivity of their leaders, teams, and culture. 




We have worked with Fortune 100, mid-size and small companies across a range of industries:



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Joining Profit With Purpose

The Client: Regional CEO of a global financial institution.

The Need: The client wanted to develop her vision for the business, for the next phase of her career, and for her legacy within the firm.

The Results: Through executive coaching, the CEO developed a longer-term vision for the bank: Joining profit with purpose to more realistically meet the next iteration of market demands. She developed a broader vision for her role, leading to a series of aggressive actions both internally and externally to influence the bank’s culture, to improve the bank’s reputation, and to deepen the bank’s involvement within the community.


Connected Company

The Client: Mid-sized manufacturing/marketing company.

The Need: Company grew from a small start-up to mid-sized rapidly while maintaining its reactive, start-up mindset, resulting in a series of expensive strategic missteps, project delays, and failures.

The Results: A year-long leadership development program for the entire leadership team (85 participants) helped to shift the team’s leadership style from authoritarian to participative, facilitated several important personnel shifts, and established a foundation for building a supportive, coaching-oriented culture.


Deconstructing Imposter Syndrome

The Client: VP of HR at a global technology company.

The Need: Client felt frustrated with both her team and her boss relying on her for everything.

The Results: Through a short-term, high impact coaching engagement, the client discovered how her tendency to do everything herself had contributed to a culture of dependency in those around her; she gradually improved her capacity to trust others and to delegate empowerment. The shift from problem-solver to facilitator, from doer to leader, was noted and drew praise, and the client was promoted to SVP.


The work we did has been instrumental. I’ve completely rehabilitated all relationships that had any doubts in them.
— Managing Director, Financial Services Company